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    Till Death Do Us Party [Full Album Stream]

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    Till Death Do Us Party

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    Caramel Carmela

Pre-order the full-length album “Till Death Do Us Party” on iTunes now!

Produced by Jack Roberts & Matt Dalton
Metro 37 Studios
Detroit, MI.

Streaming courtesy of Under The Gun Review:


Maris The Great on Till Death Do Us Party:

Had the opportunity to listen to the upcoming new release “Till Death Do Us Party” from Caramel Carmela. I enjoyed it a lot. Very poppy. Stabs of heaviness scattered throughout. The electronics are heavily present too - with some lush, almost symphonic passages that raised the hair on my dead arms. Good stuff.

As I listened to this and tapped my boot of doom, I wondered why I haven’t really been following this band. And then it came to me: drummer, Lance With No Pants left the group awhile back. I realize the undead are shallow, but this five-piece could have played washboards and picked their noses, but I would still have come to the shows, had I been able to sit and stare at Lance. But since he left, It’s been hard for me to get into anyone else in the group (though I’ve been eye-balling bassist ShaZamm!). So, enjoying Caramel Carmela is going to rest on musical merit alone. Fortunately, there’s plenty to enjoy in that department. From the new album, I’ve been putting on repeat: “The Place You Call Home,” “Best Friends Till The End” and the wonderful title track. But truthfully, all 12 tracks are great. The band already enjoys a large, devoted fanbase - who already know what I’m just discovering. But I LIKE Caramel Carmela and want to hear more. If you haven’t heard (or heard of) them, give their page a LIKE!


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